FAQs - Switch Tech Supply

The shipping cost for every order depends on various factors, including weight and distance. However, the cost may vary as per the product’s quantity, and therefore, we cannot share the tentative cost. The shipment charges also depend on the nation’s taxes.

Yes, you can ask for a sample before placing an order. You can ask for pictures or a sample of the product in case of any doubt. However, they are provided under certain predefined conditions. So, it is advised that you should contact our team for better assistance.

There are multiple ways to reach and buy products from us. These include
1. Direct call.
2. Contact details on the about us page.
3. Skype, mail, & WhatsApp.
4. Fill out the RFQ form on our website.
5. Leave your contact details on our contact us page, and our salesperson will get in touch with you.

Lead time depends on various factors, including the location of the manufacturer or distributors. If the goods ordered by you are within the US, the lead time would be 4-5 days. However, if the product has to be procured from European countries or anywhere outside the US, it may take 10-12 days. If you want to order direct from the distributors through our website, then the lead time depends totally on the distributors and their services.

You can directly mail us regarding the cancellation or call us as soon as possible. Reach our purchasing team before the tracking ID is issued to you. Once the tracking ID is issued, the order cannot be canceled afterward. However, you can ask for a replacement (terms and conditions apply).

The shipping or delivery partner is solely responsible for the product damage or loss during the transit. We have collaborated with FedEx and other reputed shipping service providers. We make a video while packaging and share it with our customers. If it gets damaged during the shipment, the reimbursement would be done by the shipping company. You can claim for the damage by sharing videos or pictures with us.

We always ensure proper quality checks to provide our customers with goods in the best conditions. However, in case you get a faulty product, make a video and share it with us instantly. Do mention the serial number and other crucial information related to the package while communicating with our team.

Once you place your order, you can reach our sales team anytime. Our representative will let you know the location of your package instantly.

We accept payment from multiple modes, mainly Wire transfer, AMEX, PayPal, Visa or Master Card, Checks. For more information, you can reach our customer representative anytime.

We don’t offer a guarantee on any product. However, the product’s warranty will be informed during the quoting stage by the salesperson. You can also reach our representatives after placing your order anytime.

Yes, you can raise the query related to products that are out-of-stock or in the end-of-life phase by filing up the RFQ form.

Your order will be confirmed after we receive the payment, following which you’ll receive a confirmation mail from the salesperson stating all the order-related information.

The delivery of the products depends on the coverage provided by our delivery partners. We are partnered with the leading delivery and shipment companies, such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.

Each brand carries its own price. Price varies because of the condition of the product and their sourcing region.

It’s not necessary but to have a seamless experience, or to track your purchase history, creating an account is important. Moreover, we can also serve you better by customizing our services as per your purchase history with us.

Switch Tech Supply is a top IT reseller in the world. Partnered with the leading manufacturers, we provide genuine and best-quality products in the market to different regions of the world. We buy products directly from manufacturers or reputable wholesalers and put them through quality checks to ensure that our customers get the best products at the greatest price. Thousands of consumers trust us all over the world.